Jill and Randy Bennett

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We built our dream home in 2009 on the Mississippi Lake in Carleton Place. Designing our own home was new territory for us so we needed to depend on people who were experts in the field.  Once the initial concept plans were completed we needed someone to help with the details of the living spaces.  Having heard only positive reviews about Charline Beaulieu and her work we knew just who to call.

Charline first met with both Randy and I to get to know who we were, including our likes and dislikes, and learn about our current lifestyle. We then discussed our vision for our new home. Charline took what she learned from that initial meeting and drew up working plans for our living spaces. She kept in close contact with us as she worked on our plans, asking questions and making revisions to meet our needs.  We couldn’t have asked for anything better.  We were very excited about the finished product when it was presented to us.

We were so pleased with her work; it was an easy decision to stay with Charline to complete the interior design and decorating work. I can only imagine the challenges Charline faced as she worked to stay within the financial budget we gave her while trying to create the dream home we envisioned.  What we wanted and what we could afford were at times misaligned, but Charline worked her magic with always a smile on her face. Knowing where to shop and having connections to the right people saved us hours of time as we worked to complete the interior design of the house.  The hours she spent with us creating a colour scheme and then shopping with us to pick out everything from custom cabinetry to bathroom fixtures, tile, appliances, and furniture were invaluable to us.  Her expert knowledge of high quality products and eye for seamless design to make a house a home brought our vision to fruition.

We moved in to the house just over a year ago and haven’t looked back.  There isn’t anything that we would change. The large, open living spaces are warm and welcoming and the working areas such as the kitchen are extremely functional and enjoyable to spend time in.  Charline Beaulieu’s interior design work made our dream come true and we will be forever grateful.


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