Shawn Barker

Author: Mock Webware |

     I had gone through several designs for my new kitchen that were uninspired prior to working with Charline and I was looking for something more.  Fortunately I met Charline at the Ottawa Home & Garden Show!  After a short discussion it was clear that Charline would go the extra mile to ensure that every project she worked on was unique and special. 

Charline was exhaustive in exploring all possible layouts for the combined kitchen and dining room, working with me to review different floor plans and select the one that best fit the space.  She went above and beyond helping make cabinet and granite choices, arranging multiple visits to granite shops and making sure that the cabinet colour, finish and hardware fit perfectly.  The limestone range hood is truly a piece of art and exactly what I needed to make my new kitchen something to be proud of! 

Charline collaborated closely with the construction team through the entire project ensuring that any issues were promptly resolved and that the finished product delivered on her excellent design.  If you are interested in turning your space into something special, Charline is your choice.


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