Fred Stacey & Michelle King

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When we decided to renovate our kitchen we knew that we wanted to change everything about the 1986 kitchen that was in our home.  It was very dated and did not utilize the space well. It is a long, narrow kitchen which offered many possibilities but many challenges as well. Even after pouring over numerous magazines it was difficult to decide how to redefine the space in which we were living.

Charline Beaulieu of Beaulieu Designs met with us several times to discuss our likes and dislikes as well as how we saw our family using the new kitchen.  She presented us with seven designs to consider and then continued to help us “fine tune” the design once we had decided on one that worked for us.  Charline introduced us to local cabinet builders and continued to support us through the building and installation of our new cabinets.  She gave us names of tradespeople to do our granite countertop and our tile flooring.  Once those processes were underway she remained involved to ensure quality work was being provided.

We had never worked with a designer before and were a little intimidated by the prospect.  Working with Charline, however, was relaxed and professional.  We are thrilled with our new kitchen – it truely is the heart of our home.


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