How Clodagh Inspired Beaulieu Design To Reach New Heights

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How Clodagh Inspired Beaulieu Design to Reach New Heights

As an interior design firm in Ottawa, Ontario, Beaulieu Design has been providing renovations, remodeling, and other services to clients across Westboro, Kanata, Nepean, Ottawa, Mississippi Mills, Almonte, Perth, Rideau Lakes, Toronto, Ontario, and Gatineau. 

Much of what we do revolves around staying updated with the latest practices and drawing inspiration from industry leaders. This way, we can stay on top of our design practices and consistently offer superior quality products to our clients. 

Interior designing is our passion, and one of our greatest inspirations is Clodagh. She has been a driving force in the design world and earned incredible recognition in the fields of architecture, interiors, and furniture design. 

Clodagh left a career in fashion design to follow her passion for interior designing. It is her innate ability to envision interior spaces that makes her a leader in this industry. 

One of the earliest adopters of Feng Shui and Biophilia, she has also been widely recognized as a leader in the sustainable, green moment and holistic design. 

She infuses every design with a holistic approach and is constantly questioning how a space should make us feel. She believes design should support wellbeing and appeal to all the human senses. Design should be able to create a healthy home where natural light enters, be filled with design elements that tantalize the senses and with zones created for socializing and for quiet meditation. 

We greatly admire her approach to design, her focus on the entire human experience of space, thus making homes healthier, both physically and emotionally.

Just like Clodagh, at Beaulieu Design, we focus on reinventing your space, but we have our own special techniques and methods of practice to create soothing and life-enhancing designs. 

We specialize in kitchen design and renovations, bathroom design and renovations, home additions and renovations, home office and library design, interior lighting design, space planning, cabinetry or millwork. 

To learn more about how we can help you, please click here. If you have any questions about what we do, please get in touch with us here.  


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