How Beaulieu Design Helped A Client Tackle A Challenging Bathroom Renovation

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How BEAULIEU DESIGN Helped a Client Tackle a Challenging Bathroom Renovation

As a leading interior design firm in Ottawa, Ontario, some of our biggest challenges revolve around working with tight spaces and rigid structures that can’t be altered to suit a client’s requirements. At times like these, we need to bring out our full arsenal of ideation and innovation to arrive at a solution. 

While home renovations throw up some challenges, bathroom renovations are different ball game altogether. They usually involve intricate planning and coordination for the outcome to be something the client loves. 

At Beaulieu Design, we believe that we have the required skills and experience to tackle any of the challenges that come our way and are happy to take on tasks that others may feel is too much of a problem. 

Keep reading to learn about how we helped a client tackle a tricky bathroom renovation.

The Challenge: A bathroom with space constraints 

Not too long ago, a client approached us for the design and renovation of their small primary bathroom. While the task at first didn’t seem like a big challenge, once we dug deeper, we found that the bathroom’s problematic existing footprint was to remain unchanged. 

Based on our analysis as well as the client’s pain points, we found that the door swung into the bathroom and its closeness to the toilet front meant that you had to sidestep to close the door. The vanity storage was difficult to reach, and doors hit the toilet. The bathtub area was dark and was also difficult to clean.

With the limitation of space and many expectations to meet, we took on the task to challenge our design skills and provide solutions for the numerous issues the client faced. 

Apart from creating a plan for the bathroom, once work began, we faced a new set of challenges. 

When the flooring was removed, we found the main heat duct running in between the floor joist in the curbless shower area, and thus needed to be relocated. There were also many electrical wires and boxes which had to be relocated in the wall where the in-wall toilet tank was to be housed.

The Solution: Creative and functional bathroom accessories. 

Small bathroom renovations can often be more challenging than a larger spa-like oasis, and this particular case was one of the toughest we have faced. 

Although the layout for the new bathroom did not change, careful planning was crucial to allow for clearances and to provide an improved sense of space and light.

To combat the space constraints, the first aspect we tackled was installing a solid wood soft close pocket door that allowed for freedom of movement within the bathroom while providing enough soundproofing as well as a great locking system. 

We then used a wall hung toilet for its stylish space-saving and easy to clean practicality, and the toilet paper holder was recessed into the wall to allow for door swing clearance at the vanity.

By installing a wall-mounted vanity, we freed up visual space and installed an LED strip light to provide a soft glow for night time. A shallow storage tower was designed and installed to allow freedom of movement around the toilet area. The area was accented by a large scale mirror to reflect light and fool the eye, as well as a sparkling decorative light to draw attention upward.

Since the entry door trims were too close to the shower area, tiles and a detailed metal trim was used to frame the doorway. 

The bathtub was replaced with a curbless walk-in with a frameless glass panel inserted into a groove channel in the wall tiles providing a clean, simple look. A heated floor was added to ensure warmth while in the shower.

The light tiles with large scale patterns on the three walls improved the sense of space and light and are of low maintenance and high durability. 

Eight months after our initial design meeting with the client, we completed this challenging but interesting undertaking. 

The Bottom Line 

As a top interior design firm in Ottawa, Ontario, at Beaulieu Design, we work closely with clients right from the initial concept, to the design solutions, selections, and sourcing of the best renovator to accomplish a renovation or construction project.

We specialize in conceptual space planning to construction drawings to project management for the entire home and service clients across Westboro, Kanata, Nepean, Ottawa, Mississippi Mills, Almonte, Perth, Rideau Lakes, Toronto, Ontario, and Gatineau.

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